Saint Here, county of Elsewhere
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Place of the Hidden Bridge
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Saint Here, county of Elsewhere

 Photo Pierre Minville

The paths' cross

Saint Here general store
Saint Here river and the mill's water supply
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The cemetary's entrance
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Saint Here church

The back of the church, and between the parish hall and the sexton house


The visit of Saint Here, county of Elsewhere is enhanced by a tour leading us to the discovery of this imaginary village.

It is told how without electricity and cars, often with very little education, these people have created a social, economic, cultural and religious life by organizing a community of individualists, each on his piece of land. Their effort, through intelligence, observation of nature and sharing of knowledge, combined with the constant support of newcomers, has built this collective soul that inscribes us in the universal sphere of influence.

The store
with a portico
Saint Here schoolyard
The stone presbytary

Now that we are entering a new millenium, it is interesting to take a look at the paths that brought us there and to realize the extraordinary priviledge of living here, whether by birth or by choice.

A typical village that could have found its home anywhere across Québec, Saint Ici tells the country, the varied and particular architecture of the houses given the various family needs, as well as the functional buildings that promoted economic activity and collective wealth by the shipping of goods to the outside world.

Agriculture, industrialization by harnessing rivers, exploitation of natural resources and of individual and collective talents, were already concerns at the time when other areas of Québec were still clearing land.

The beautiful
old farm house
The access ramp
to the hay loft
The tower house
and the lighthouse

Saint Ici also speaks of the lost trades; the "Cahiers du Patrimoine" of the Ministère de la Culture have been utilized.

We can see the evolution of the bread oven. We can understand the level of perfection reached in the construction of the ice merchant's ice box. A total of more than six years of work and research (seventy-two months of joy) were necessary to produce an hour and a half of pride and memories, in this eternal and universal quest for food, comfort and love.

The hunting and
fishing clubhouse
The four-sided
porch house
The apartments
above the stores
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