Saint Here, county of Elsewhere
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Place of the Hidden Bridge
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Scale Model



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Saint Here lighthouse
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The steam machine behind the small boat shop
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There are more than 75 main buildings in Saint Ici, comté d'Ailleurs
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The beautiful
old house
Have a good day
The craftsman, at the heart of his scale model
This scale model is a simple tribute from a craftsman who wanted to express with his hands how, where we live, people have created a form of beauty specific to us while adapting to the land and its climate.

These people have built, in their own way and with their own means, the country they have passed on to us, and which will be passed on to our children when the time has come, with today's technology.

From this scale model, bringing together touches of beauty specific to many different areas, comes a sense of peace and calm specific to this era's pace. We can still feel this serenity while going through these villages of Québec, still buried beneath centennial trees.

Circulating in and around the scale model allows us to voyage into the past , like we have experienced coming back to the future.

The auto guided tour tells and explains the intelligence, the creativity, the genius of the skilled gesture, the observation of nature, which provided solutions to the problems that faced these men and women.

If we laugh a lot, we admire even more. Because I am over sixty years old, I remember that there is manure on the soles of my boots. With the people that the scale model speaks of, I embarked on an extraordinary journey that can't be repeated. The times, the needs, the materials have changed; we have moved on to something else.

I wanted to speak of this era with my hands, as did those who preceeded us. Because I love the history, language and culture of our people, I wanted to show its reflection to the younger generations as well as our new citizens, and proudly welcome them in a warm and cordial way, in the spirit of fellowship, without the pretense of owning any kind of title or diploma, as did our elders, the real reasons behind this scale model.  

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