Saint Here, county of Elsewhere
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Place of the Hidden Bridge
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Translation by Isabelle Minville Weathon Il  U.S.A.



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Houses, more houses
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Everyone is asleep, the baby in his cradle and the dog in his dog house
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A backyard
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The barrel-maker's house, next door to the cemetary
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Saint Here's first cottage

Eight years of research and crafstmanship were necessary to recreate this old time village. Why?

The Minville parents having built the family cottage in Oka in the early 1940s, their children witnessed the end of an era when the horse was the driving force behind agriculture and local transportation. On the kitchen wall, one could see this reproduction of a Clarence Gagnon painting, illustrating the Baie Saint Paul lifestyle at the time of the ox


This painting, as well as my experience as a forestry guide and traveling salesman, have made the charm of all the villages that thread our history known to me.

I loved the people who welcomed me with warmth and good humor. Strengthened by their holiday cooking, I came to tourism in 1969.

More than 65 five years lies between the child who dreamt of playing on wooden sidewalks and the craftsman who invites you in and around Saint Here, county of Elsewhere.

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The ice merchand's
ice box, next to the covered bridge
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Saint Here train station
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The schoolyard
and the church.
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A Normand-style house, the fire escape ladder and the well

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Fences, all sorts of fences... to help lawyers make a living
Translation by Isabelle Minville, Wheaton, Il. USA
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